Accelerating ideas

From concept through development and execution

Accelerating ideas

Connecting the dots

Creating solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare challenges

Connecting the dots

Ideas by design

Developing ideas through strategies, innovation, and creativity

Ideas by design


A space to nourish powerful ideas

The Healthcare Innovation Center, HIC, by CIRACET Corp. is an innovative space, designed for health professionals, scientists, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs, which aims to solve the operational challenges related to medical care. HIC evolves as a private collaboration to promote the development of healthcare technology solutions not readily available for the current health industry.

The Process

Our unique set of tools

The Healthcare Innovation Center focus its experience around growing ideas and providing essential tools for acceleration. If you are in a brainstorming phase, looking for mentoring, maturing your idea or going live, the HIC is the ideal space.

Idea Development Process

It is a one-stop business creation program for the ideas, concepts, processes, or solutions that arise following collaborations and networking at the Healthcare Innovation Center.


Idea Evaluation

Market Research


Funding and Resources

Minimum Value Proposition


Simulations can improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of every idea in development. Trial and error are fundamental parts of the process.







See your idea come to life and enter a feasible market with it. Innovate the healthcare panorama with your new novel project.

Beta testing





Our Vision

To be an essential catalyst of a renewed live science and healthcare industry that is an international leader in preventing, treating, and curing diseases through transformative science and innovative technology that brings both values and hope to patients.

About Us


Help us make a bigger impact by becoming a potentiator

"The Healthcare Innovation Center (HIC) is a fascinating and innovative initiative to achieve high standards of excellence and empower the health sector through technology" Herbert Lewy General Manager | Microsoft Corporation "HIC is an innovative concept, which creates an ecosystem to meet the needs of our creative minds, with excellent ideas, which lack the tools to develop them." Salvador F. Rovira Esq. LLM. Chief Executive Officer | President - Rovire Rodríguez Group