About Us

About Us

After 23 years of healthcare technology consulting and service experience, CIRACET staff has developed in-depth knowledge on the specific needs and challenges the healthcare industry regularly faces both in the private and public sectors throughout the United States and Latin America. At numerous times CIRACET’s subject matter experts working on healthcare technology strategy, medical informatics, information technology, medical equipment, and health systems engineering have identified the need for specific solutions that are not readily available either because of impeding cost structures or because the particular solution does not exist.
CIRACET’s commitment to industry leads us to partner with Academia and several industry leaders to engage in a tiered, creative path to fulfill gaps in healthcare today.

The HIC is led by three (3) specialized subject matter experts, focusing on specific areas of the entrepreneur and innovation environment.  These equal-ranking partners will report to CIRACET’s executive administration and maintain close communication with the invited healthcare cluster, acting as an advisory board for the HIC.


Oscar Misla Villalba
Innovation Wizard


Lorna M. Baez Amely
Entrepreneurship Wizard


Eileen J. Pabón Cruz
Ecosystem Wizard